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We are just starting a new Translators section on our Listen to Poetry website. We welcome any translator who is translating poetry to be in touch with us if they would like to have their translated poetry read on the website.

This would be particularly useful for new or recently published poetry translations trying to find a wider audience. Performing or reading your own poetry translations out loud is not something all translators would be comfortable doing. Yet so often it is the performance or reading out loud of a poem that brings it to life. Listen to Poetry is interested in working with translators of poetry to help promote their work. We can create contemporary translator’s pages with readings of the translated poetry and links to your websites or publications etc. We also have an efficient social media program on going, that promotes the site on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest and we will be adding YouTube soon. If you are interested in this please be in touch with us and send some of your work.  Then we will assess whether or not we feel we can help you.

R J Dent

Translator, Writer and Poet