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Richard Lovelace

We currently have one poem by Richard Lovelace. You can listen to the poem and also read it below.

Read and listen to The Scrutiny

Why should you swear I am forsworn,

            Since thine I vowed to be?

Lady it is already morn,

            Ans ‘twas last night I swore to thee

That fond impossibility


Have I not loved thee much and long,

            A tedious twelve hours’ space?

I must all other Beauties wrong,

            And rob thee of a new embrace;

Could I still dote upon thy face.


Not, but all joy in thy brown hair,

            By others may be found;

But I must search the black and fair

            Like skillful mineralists that sound

For treasure in un-plowed-up ground.


Then, if when I have loved my round,

            Thou provest the pleasantest she;

With spoils of meaner Beauties crowned,

I laden will return to thee,

Ev’n sated with variety.

Richard Lovelace - 1617 - 1657

Was an English poet in the seventeenth century. He was a cavalier poet who fought on behalf of the king during the Civil War. His best known works are “To Althea, from Prison”, and “To Lucasta, Going to the Warres”.

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