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The initial idea behind this website was to concentrate on poetry, however we have included a small prose section. We hope to expand this section in the future if people find it interesting. Poets have written some of the pieces included here and it is interesting to hear them speak in their ‘prose’ voice. On the whole prose is much easier to understand when read out loud than poetry. These playlists are just for listening to and the prose text is not provided.

Photograph - Oscar Wilde

Saint Augustine

Christian saint.

Image - John Clare

John Clare

English Poet.

Photograph - Oscar Wilde

Benjamin Disraeli

British politician and UK prime minister.

Photograph - Oscar Wilde

Kahlil Gibran

Lebanese-American writer, poet and visual artist.

Image - John Keats

John Keats

English romantic poet.

Photograph - Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde

Irish poet and playwright.

Photograph - Oscar Wilde


Athenian philosopher.

Image - Wilfred Owen

Wilfred Owen

English poet and soldier.

Photograph - Oscar Wilde

Llewelyn Powys

British essayist and novelist.