We are steadily building a database of Poets for you to listen to and would be interested to hear from you if you have suggestions for others we might include in the site. You can let us know by visiting our Contact Us page. All of the poems on this website have been narrated by Gerald Cox, you can find out more about Gerald on the About Us page.

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Poem playlist on the theme of Animals

There currently have 10 poems by 8 different poets on this playlist. The playing time is around 20 minutes. If you wish to read any particular poem while listening look for the poem under the specific poet where you will find the text of the poem. You can start listening to the playlist from any poem on the list simply by clicking on that particular poem then clicking the red play button at the top of the playlist.

Poems on the theme of Animals

There are many different types of poem on this play list. The eight different poets are listed below. By clickiing on the poets name you can listen and read more poems by that poet as well as find out more about them.

William Blake

Hilaire Belloc

Lewis Carroll

G K Chesterton

Gerard Manley Hopkins

John Clare

A A Milne

Edward Lear